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Most Extended Warranties are Terrible!

Updated: May 23, 2023

What you've heard is (mostly) true.

At CarHavn our main business is specialist European auto repair. Our Service advisors frequently assist customers with Extended Warranties.

The process for them always starts the same way:

  1. The customer notices a symptom of an issue that needs to be diagnosed and fixed.

  2. They bring the car to us, and authorize the diagnostic.

  3. We proceed with the diag, find the issue, and call the warranty to open a claim and check for authorization to proceed.

And here is where the differences begin.

With a terrible warranty, the process is rigged with obstacles. Some of the delay/deflect/evade tactics we have seen are:

  • Approving a labor rate lower than what the shop rightfully charges, leaving you to pay for the difference

  • Dragging their feet for days, even weeks, to provide an answer, betting that you will get tired and pay for the repair yourself

  • Sending an 'inspector' who invariably finds the repair is not covered

  • Finding the repair was a 'pre-existing condition' and is therefore not covered

  • Digging out an obscure Technical Bulletin 'proving' that the issue was a design fault

  • Offering to send junkyard / cheap / generic parts to the shop

  • Most egregiously, finding ways to cancel the contract due a technicality (yes, it happened to a customer of ours).

On the other hand, with a high-quality warranty, it's smooth sailing. If the component is listed in the contract, authorization is granted on the spot, a loaner vehicle is approved, diagnostics paid, and we can get to work. A high-quality warranty will:

  • Approve the full labor rate and number of hours, as listed in the labor guide

  • Approve covered repairs on the spot

  • Authorize original or quality aftermarket parts

  • Authorize a courtesy vehicle, if one is provided in your contract.

Very different experience!

An Extended Warranty can save you thousands in repair costs - both labor and parts. Invest wisely, and choose a CarHavn Extended Warranty today.

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