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Protect Your Euro Car Today With a High-Quality Warranty.

Designed for Euro Engineered Cars

Best In Class Coverage

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Designed for Euro

You chose a European-engineered vehicle for its performance, beauty, safety, and handling. While newer European cars are built better than ever, they pack higher levels of mechanical and electronic components that always have a chance of a breakdown.

Engine Belt

Be Protected

Mechanical breakdowns are a fact of life. When your car needs repairs, will you be covered? A high-quality CarHavn Extended Warranty is a smart decision to protect yourself against the high expenses of car repair.

Protected Systems Include:

Best In Class Coverage

The true measure of a warranty is what components it covers. Some of our plans offer coverage for parts that other plans don't: 

Front Suspension

Seals and Gaskets

A/C Condenser,

 Starter Motor

Warranty Levels



Need the basics only? The Powertrain Warranty is for you. Coverage for:

  • Engine - Most oil-lubricated components

  • Transmission: Internal lubricated parts, torque convert, more.

  • Front Wheel Drive: Axles, shafts, CV joints, more

  • Rear Wheel Drive: Axles, shafts. hubs, bearings, more.



A car is more than just engine and transmission. Coverage includes all items in Powertrain plus:

  • Engine cooling: Fan, fan clutch, fan motor

  • A/C: Condenser, compressor, more.

  • Front Suspension: Struts. control arms, more.

  • Steering: rack and pinion, pump, steering shafts

  • Electrical: Alternator, voltage regulator, starter, more

  • Brakes: Master cylinder, booster, lines, more

  • Fuel System: Pumps, injectors, rail, more.



Our most popular product with industry-leading coverage at a great value. Coverage includes all items in Powertrain and Standard plus:

  • Electronic High Tech: Level control compressor, sensors and limiter valve, pneumatic suspension pump, more

  • Electrical Plus: Power motors and solenoids for antennas, door locks, power headlights, seats, mirrors, more

  • Factory GPS: display, controls, electrical components

  • Seals and Gaskets: Related to covered components.

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